Structural basis of the methylation specificity of R.DpnI

  title={Structural basis of the methylation specificity of R.DpnI},
  author={Karolina Mierzejewska and Wojciech Siwek and Honorata Czapinska and Magdalena Kaus-Drobek and Monika Radlinska and K. Skowronek and Janusz M. Bujnicki and Michał Dadlez and Matthias Bochtler},
  booktitle={Nucleic acids research},
R.DpnI consists of N-terminal catalytic and C-terminal winged helix domains that are separately specific for the Gm6ATC sequences in Dam-methylated DNA. Here we present a crystal structure of R.DpnI with oligoduplexes bound to the catalytic and winged helix domains and identify the catalytic domain residues that are involved in interactions with the substrate methyl groups. We show that these methyl groups in the Gm6ATC target sequence are positioned very close to each other. We further show… CONTINUE READING

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