Structural basis of Na+/K+-ATPase adaptation to marine environments

  title={Structural basis of Na+/K+-ATPase adaptation to marine environments},
  author={C. de la Colina and Joshua J C Rosenthal and Joseph A. Degiorgis and Deepa Srikumar and Nikhila Iruku and Miguel Holmgren},
  journal={Nature Structural &Molecular Biology},
Throughout evolution, enzymes have adapted to perform in different environments. The Na+/K+ pump, an enzyme crucial for maintaining ionic gradients across cell membranes, is strongly influenced by the ionic environment. In vertebrates, the pump sees much less external Na+ (100–160 mM) than it does in osmoconformers such as squid (450 mM), which live in seawater. If the extracellular architecture of the squid pump were identical to that of vertebrates, then at the resting potential, the pump's… CONTINUE READING

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intracellular Na+ dependence

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