Structural and stratigraphic evolution of extensional oceanic arcs

  title={Structural and stratigraphic evolution of extensional oceanic arcs},
  author={Benjamin N. Fackler-Adams and Cathy J. Busby}
  • Benjamin N. Fackler-Adams, Cathy J. Busby
The strain regime in the upper plate of arc-trench systems may be extensional, neutral, or compressional (Dewey, 1980). A strong positive correlation exists between the duration of subduction and the strain regime in the overriding plate (Jarrard, 1989). Modern Earth is strongly biased toward compressional arcs, because most modern subduction zones have been extant for at least 65 m.y. (Jarrard, 1986). Therefore, studies of ancient convergent margins are critical to understanding of extensional… CONTINUE READING
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