Structural and phylogenetic relationships among plant and animal cystatins.

  title={Structural and phylogenetic relationships among plant and animal cystatins.},
  author={Rog{\'e}rio Margis and Eduardo M. Reis and Vincent Villeret},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={359 1},
The plant cystatins or phytocystatins (PhyCys) are cysteine proteinase inhibitors containing the QxVxG motif and have been placed in the cystatin superfamily of proteins. The primary sequences of PhyCys have a high degree of homology with the members of the cystatin family, but they resemble stefins by the absence of disulfide bonds and cysteine residues. A multialignment and a phylogenetic analysis of 63 cystatins, 32 of which are PhyCys, demonstrate that all PhyCys cluster in a major… CONTINUE READING
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