Structural and magnetic properties of Nd 2 Fe

  title={Structural and magnetic properties of Nd 2 Fe},
  author={Mich{\`e}le Guillot and Ian Peter Swainson and Kannan M. Krishnan},
Magnetization measurements of Nd 2Fe172dGad (d50 – 2) show that the saturation magnetization, Ms , decreases with an increase in Ga content from 40.4 mB /f.u. for Nd2Fe17 to 36.1mB /f.u. for Nd2Fe15Ga2 at 4.2 K. Neutron diffraction data at 25 K show that the magnetic moment of Fe depends on its crystallographic site and decreases in the order Fe(6 c).Fe(18f )>Fe(18h) >Fe(9d). The magnetic moments of Fe(9 d), Fe(18f ), and Fe(18h) are found to be practically independent of the Ga content… CONTINUE READING

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