Structural and functional properties of Viviparous1 genes in dormant wheat.

  title={Structural and functional properties of Viviparous1 genes in dormant wheat.},
  author={Shigeko Utsugi and Shingo Nakamura and Kazuhiko Noda and Masahiko Maekawa},
  journal={Genes & genetic systems},
  volume={83 2},
Viviparous 1 (Vp1) of maize is known to encode a transcription factor VP1 that controls seed germination. Hexaploid wheat possesses three Vp1 homoeologues (TaVp1): TaVp-A1, TaVp-B1 and TaVp-D1. In this study, we attempted to characterize the molecular properties of TaVp1 in a highly dormant wheat cultivar, Minamino-komugi (Minamino). The seeds of Minamino showed much higher sensitivity to the inhibitory effect of ABA on germination than those of non-dormant cultivars, Sanin-1 and Tozan-18. The… CONTINUE READING

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