Structural and functional alterations in the hippocampus due to hypothyroidism

  title={Structural and functional alterations in the hippocampus due to hypothyroidism},
  author={Christos Koromilas and Charis Liapi and Kleopatra H. Schulpis and Konstantinos G Kalafatakis and Apostolos Ch Zarros and Stylianos Th Tsakiris},
  journal={Metabolic Brain Disease},
Thyroid hormones (THs) exert a broad spectrum of effects on the central nervous system (CNS). Hypothyroidism, especially during CNS development, can lead to structural and functional changes (mostly resulting in mental retardation). The hippocampus is considered as one of the most important CNS structures, while the investigation and understanding of its direct and indirect interactions with the THs could provide crucial information on the neurobiological basis of the (frequently-faced in… CONTINUE READING