Structural and ferromagnetic properties of an orthorhombic phase of MnBi stabilized with Rh additions

  title={Structural and ferromagnetic properties of an orthorhombic phase of MnBi stabilized with Rh additions},
  author={Valentin Taufour and Srinivasa Thimmaiah and Stephen D. March and Scott M. Saunders and Kewei Sun and Tej Nath Lamichhane and Matthew J. Kramer and Sergey L. Budko and Paul C. Canfield},
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The article addresses the possibility of alloy elements in MnBi which may modify the thermodynamic stability of the NiAs-type structure without significantly degrading the magnetic properties. The addition of small amounts of Rh and Mn provides an improvement in the thermal stability with some degradation of the magnetic properties. The small amounts of Rh and Mn additions in MnBi stabilize an orthorhombic phase whose structural and magnetic properties are closely related to the ones of the… 
Effect of Sb substitution on structural and magnetic properties of MnBi based alloys
Abstract A series of MnBi1-xSbx alloys were prepared by a metallurgical method. The samples MnBi1-xSbx were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), differential
Effect of Sb substitution on crystal structure, texture and hard magnetic properties of melt-spun MnBi alloys
Abstract Melt-spun Mn50Bi50-xSbx alloys with x ≤ 5 were prepared at different solidification rates and characterized both in the as-spun state and after annealing. In the as-spun alloys, the Sb
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Solid-phase transformations at different annealing temperatures in Mn/Bi (Mn on Bi) and Bi/Mn (Bi on Mn) films have been studied using X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, and magnetic
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Structural and magnetic properties of the CeCo5–CeZn5 solid solution and potential improvements upon iron substitution
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The Ternary Bi-Mn-Sb Phase Diagram and the Crystal Structure of the Ternary Τ Phase Bi0.8MnSb0.2
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The Binary Bi-Rh Phase Diagram: Stable and Metastable Phases
The binary bismuth-rhodium (Bi-Rh) phase diagram was reinvestigated from 23 to 60 at.% Rh with focus on the BiRh phase, applying powder-x-ray diffraction, high temperature powder-XRD, differential thermal analyses and scanning electron microscopy and it must be concluded that Bi3Rh is actually metastable.
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The phase transformation and physical properties of the MnBi and Mn 1.08 Bi compounds
The phase transformation and magnetic properties of manganese bismuthide have been reinvestigated with single crystal samples of low temperature phase (LTP) and high temperature phase (HTP) in the
Effect of composition and heat treatment on MnBi magnetic materials
Abstract The metallic compound MnBi is a promising rare-earth-free permanent magnet material, unique among all candidates for its high intrinsic coercivity (Hci) and its large positive temperature
Thermal stability of MnBi magnetic materials.
  • J. Cui, J. Choi, +7 authors T. Droubay
  • Materials Science, Medicine
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
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A comprehensive study of thermal stability shows that MnBi powder is stable up to 473 K in air, which makes it a good hard phase material for exchange coupling nanocomposite magnets.
Investigation of Magnetic Properties of MnBi/$\alpha$-Fe Nanocomposite Permanent Magnets by Micro-Magnetic Simulation
  • Y. Li, M. Yue, +5 authors W. Li
  • Materials Science
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
  • 2013
In the present study, the demagnetization curves of MnBi/α-Fe nanocomposite permanent magnets were calculated by the micromagnetic finite element method. The effect of volume ratio between
Structural, Magnetic, and Magneto‐Optic Properties of Ti‐Substituted MnBi Films
Structural, magnetic, and magneto‐optic properties of Mn1−xTixBi films (0≤x≤0.2) prepared by a vacuum‐evaporation technique are reported. The crystallographic structure and the order of phase
Magnetic properties of MnBi based alloys: First-principles calculations for MnBi-Co and MnBi-Co-Fe cases
First-principles calculations of fundamental magnetic properties were performed for ordered MnBi, MnBi-Co, and MnBi-Co-Fe alloys to evaluate maximum energy product (BH)max. Full potential
Contribution to the equilibrium phase diagram of the Mn–Bi system near MnBi
The phase diagram of the Mn–Bi system near the compound MnBi was studied with single crystals in the as‐grown and heat‐treated states. The results show that the high‐temperature phase of MnBi is in
Structural, magnetic and magneto-transport properties of Pt-alloyed MnBi thin films
The structural, magnetic and magneto-transport properties of highly c-axis oriented Mn55�xPtxBi45 x = 0, 1.5, 3, and 4.5 thin films have been investigated. The coercivity of the Pt-alloyed thin films
Pressure dependence of the Curie temperature in Ni 2 MnSn Heusler alloy: A first-principles study
The pressure dependence of electronic structure, exchange interactions, and Curie temperature in the ferromagnetic Heusler alloy ${\mathrm{Ni}}_{2}\mathrm{MnSn}$ has been studied theoretically within
Low-temperature phase MnBi compound: A potential candidate for rare-earth free permanent magnets
Abstract The low-temperature phase (LTP) MnBi is one of the few rare-earth free compounds that exhibit a large magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy in the order of 10 6  J/m 3 . A large coercive