Structural and dielectric properties of Ba5LnSn3Nb7O30 (Ln=La, Nd) ceramics

  title={Structural and dielectric properties of Ba5LnSn3Nb7O30 (Ln=La, Nd) ceramics},
  author={Liang Fang and Lei Chen and Haifei Zhang and Chunling Diao and Ran Yuan},
  • Liang Fang, Lei Chen, +2 authors Ran Yuan
  • Published 2004
  • Materials Science
  • Abstract Two novel Ba 5 LnSn 3 Nb 7 O 30 (Ln=La, Nd) ceramics were prepared and characterized. Both compounds are paraelectric phases adopting the filled tetragonal tungsten bronze (TB) structure at room temperature. Ba 5 LaSn 3 Nb 7 O 30 and Ba 5 NdSn 3 Nb 7 O 30 ceramics show high dielectric constant of 171 and 182 together with low dielectric loss 1.2×10 -3 and 1.8×10 -3 at 1 MHz, respectively. In comparison with dielectric ceramics with TB structure in BaO–Ln 2 O 3 –TiO 2 –Ta 2 O 5 (Ln=La… CONTINUE READING

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