Structural analysis of the coordination of dinitrogen to transition metal complexes.


Transition-metal complexes show a wide variety of coordination modes for the nitrogen molecule. A structural database study has been undertaken for dinitrogen complexes, and geometrical parameters around the L(n)M-N2 unit are retrieved from the Cambridge Structural Database. These data were classified in families of compounds, according to metal properties, to determine the degree of lengthening for the dinitrogen bonding. The importance of the nature of the metal center, such as coordination number and electronic configuration, is reported. Our study reveals poor activation by coordination of dinitrogen in mononuclear complexes, always having end-on coordination. However, partial weakening of nitrogen-nitrogen bonding is found for end-on binuclear complexes, whereas side-on complexes can be completely activated.

DOI: 10.1107/S2052520615006083

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@article{Peign2015StructuralAO, title={Structural analysis of the coordination of dinitrogen to transition metal complexes.}, author={Benjamin Peign{\'e} and Gabriel Aull{\'o}n}, journal={Acta crystallographica Section B, Structural science, crystal engineering and materials}, year={2015}, volume={71 Pt 3}, pages={369-86} }