Structural analysis of ATP analogues compatible with kinase-catalyzed labeling.

  title={Structural analysis of ATP analogues compatible with kinase-catalyzed labeling.},
  author={Sujit Suwal and Chamara Senevirathne and Satish Garre and Mary Kay H Pflum},
  journal={Bioconjugate chemistry},
  volume={23 12},
Kinase-catalyzed protein phosphorylation is an important biochemical process involved in cellular functions. We recently discovered that kinases promiscuously accept γ-modified ATP analogues as cosubstrates and used several ATP analogues as tools for studying protein phosphorylation. Herein, we explore the structural requirements of γ-modified ATP analogues for kinase compatibility. To understand the influence of linker length and composition, a series of ATP analogues was synthesized, and the… CONTINUE READING

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