Structural Variations Affecting Genes and Transposable Elements of Chromosome 3B in Wheats

  title={Structural Variations Affecting Genes and Transposable Elements of Chromosome 3B in Wheats},
  author={Romain De Oliveira and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Rimbert and F. Balfourier and Jonathan Kitt and Emeric Dynomant and J. Vr{\'a}na and J. Dole{\vz}el and F. Cattonaro and E. Paux and F. Choulet},
  journal={Frontiers in Genetics},
Structural variations (SVs) such as copy number and presence–absence variations are polymorphisms that are known to impact genome composition at the species level and are associated with phenotypic variations. In the absence of a reference genome sequence, their study has long been hampered in wheat. The recent production of new wheat genomic resources has led to a paradigm shift, making possible to investigate the extent of SVs among cultivated and wild accessions. We assessed SVs affecting… Expand
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