Structural Requirements for Alkylglycoside-Type Renal Targeting Vector

  title={Structural Requirements for Alkylglycoside-Type Renal Targeting Vector},
  author={Kokichi Suzuki and Takashi Ando and Hiroshi Susaki and Kumiko Mimori and Satoru Nakabayashi and Yuichi Sugiyama},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Research},
Purpose. We have previously shown Glc-S-C7-Me (octyl β-D-thioglucoside) exhibits renal targeting potential in vivo in addition to its specific binding to the renal membrane fraction in vitro. Thus, 'alkylglycoside' is considered to be a novel targeting vector for the kidney (1,2). The present study is designed to clarify the structural requirements for alkylglycoside as a renal targeting vector. Methods. Inhibitory effects of various sugars and glycosides on 3H-Glc-S-C7-Me binding to the kidney… CONTINUE READING