Structural Evolution of the Tuzgölü Basin in Central Anatolia, Turkey.

  title={Structural Evolution of the Tuzg{\"o}l{\"u} Basin in Central Anatolia, Turkey.},
  author={Çemen and G{\"o}nc{\"u}oglu and Dirik},
  journal={The Journal of geology},
  volume={107 6},
The Central Anatolian segment of the Alpine-Himalayan orogen contains "interior" basins, the largest of which is the Tuzgölü (Salt Lake) basin (>20,000 km2). It is bounded on the east by the Tuzgölü (Salt Lake) fault zone and on the west by the Yeniceoba and Cihanbeyli fault zones. Structural, stratigraphic, and sedimentologic evidence suggests that the Tuzgölü basin started as a fault-controlled basin during late Maastrichtian tectonism when the present-day northwest-trending faults that bound… CONTINUE READING