Structural Chemistry of Alkaline Earth Aluminate Phosphors

  title={Structural Chemistry of Alkaline Earth Aluminate Phosphors},
  author={Koichiro Fukuda and Kentaro Fukushima and Tomoyuki Iwata},
Crystal structures of SrAl2O4, BaAl2O4 and their solid solutions have been reviewed in terms of the linkage pattern of [AlO4] tetrahedra. With SrAl2O4 the hexagonal-to-monoclinic phase transformation occurs at 950K during cooling. The space group change from P63 to its subgroup P21 eliminates the triad axis of the former phase, which involves a reduction in the symmetry of the trigonally distorted rings. The hexagonal structures of SrAl2O4 and BaAl2O4 differ distinctly in the linkage pattern of… CONTINUE READING

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