Structural Changes in Muscle During Contraction: Interference Microscopy of Living Muscle Fibres

  title={Structural Changes in Muscle During Contraction: Interference Microscopy of Living Muscle Fibres},
  author={Andrew Fielding Huxley and Rolf Niedergerke},
Structural Changes in Muscle During Contraction: Interference Microscopy of Living Muscle Fibres 


The mdx mouse skeletal muscle myopathy: II. Contractile properties

Thick filament size changes in contraction of human muscles

Measurements done on electron micrographs show that in myofibres with sarcomeres contracted to below 2.1 μm, proportional shortening of the A bands occurs. In muscles from patients with idiopathic

Changes in sarcomere length during isometric tension development in frog skeletal muscle

Changes in sarcomere length during isometric contraction of isolated semitendinosus muscle fibres from the frog were studied using laser diffraction techniques and could be resolved in this way.

Molecular Mechanism of Actin-Myosin Interaction in Muscle Contraction

Muscle contraction results from the relative sliding between the thick and thin myofilaments in all kinds of muscle. Since myofilament sliding is coupled with ATP hydrolysis, the physiological

The variation in isometric tension with sarcomere length in vertebrate muscle fibres

1. The variation of isometric tetanus tension with sarcomere length in single fibres from frog striated muscle has been re‐investigated with special precautions to ensure uniformity of sarcomere

Molecular Mechanisms of Muscle Force Regulation: A Role for Titin?

It is demonstrated that a third protein, titin, plays a major role in muscle force regulation, particularly for eccentric contractions and at long muscle and sarcomere lengths.

Imaging And Nano‐Manipulation Of Single Actomyosin Motors At Work

Muscle contraction is achieved by the sliding movement of myosin and actin using the energy of ATPase to form muscle fibres.

The role of Six1 in muscle progenitor cells and the establishment of fast-twitch muscle fibres

Myogenesis is the process of skeletal muscle tissue formation where committed muscle progenitor cells differentiate into skeletal muscle fibres. Depending on the instructive cues the muscle progeni



The abrupt transition from rest to activity in muscle

  • A. Hill
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B - Biological Sciences
  • 1949
The internal mechanical condition of an excited muscle has been examined by applying quick stretches at various moments after a maximal shock, suggesting that contraction is set up inside by the arrival of some chemical substance diffusing inwards after liberation a t the surface.

Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen an Muskelfibrillen bei totaler und partieller Extraktion des L-Myosin

1. Es wird bestätigt, daß die Entfernung der globären, löslichen Proteine des Muskels durch verdünnte Puffer- und Salzlösungen die elektronenmikroskopisch erkennbaren Strukturen nicht verändert. 2.

Die Struktur der quergestreiften, lebenden Muskelfaser des Frosches in Ruhe und während der Kontraktion1

Zusammenfassung: Mit Hilfe von Momentmikrophotogrammen wurden lebende, einzelne Fasern von Frosch- und Eidechsenmuskeln in Ruhe und wahrend der Kontraktion registriert. Zur Beleuchtung dient eine