Structural Aspects of Human Erythrocyte Autoantibodies


In many cases of "autolmmune" hemolytic disease (AHD) the patient 's red cells (RBC) are sensitized with autologous 7S ~/-globulln 1 (see reference 2). In an effort to gain some insight into the pathogenesis of these autoantibodies, studies on their structural homogeneity or heterogeneity have been undertaken. Numerous investigations of the homogeneous 3,-globulins produced by plasmacyfic tumors (myeloma) in man and mice (see reference 3) have pointed to the possibility that structural homogeneity of a given population of 3'globulin molecules may reflect some degree of homogeneity of the cell population synthesizing those molecules. Similar structural studies of erythrocyte autoanfibodies may contribute to the eventual characterization of their cells of origin.

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