Structural Analyses of DNA Recognition by the AML1/Runx-1 Runt Domain and Its Allosteric Control by CBFβ

  title={Structural Analyses of DNA Recognition by the AML1/Runx-1 Runt Domain and Its Allosteric Control by CBFβ},
  author={Tahir H. Tahirov and Taiko Inoue-Bungo and Hisayuki Morii and Atsushi Fujikawa and Motoko Sasaki and Kazumi Kimura and Masaaki Shiina and Ko Sato and Takashi Kumasaka and Masaki Yamamoto and Shunsuke Ishii and Kazuhiro Ogata},
The core binding factor (CBF) heterodimeric transcription factors comprised of AML/CBFA/PEBP2alpha/Runx and CBFbeta/PEBP2beta subunits are essential for differentiation of hematopoietic and bone cells, and their mutation is intimately related to the development of acute leukemias and cleidocranial dysplasia. Here, we present the crystal structures of the AML1/Runx-1/CBFalpha(Runt domain)-CBFbeta(core domain)-C/EBPbeta(bZip)-DNA, AML1/Runx-1/CBFalpha(Runt domain)-C/EBPbeta(bZip)-DNA, and AML1… CONTINUE READING


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