Structural, magnetostatic, and magnetodynamic studies of Co/Mo-based uncompensated synthetic antiferromagnets

  title={Structural, magnetostatic, and magnetodynamic studies of Co/Mo-based uncompensated synthetic antiferromagnets},
  author={Piotr Ogrodnik and Jarosław Kanak and Maciej Czapkiewicz and Sławomir Ziȩtek and Aleksiej Pietruczik and Krzysztof Morawiec and Piotr Dłużewski and Krzysztof Dybko and Andrzej Wawro and Tomasz Stobiecki},
  journal={Physical Review Materials},
In this work, we comprehensively investigate and discuss the structural, magnetostatic, dynamic, and magnetoresistive properties of epitaxial Co/Mo superlattices. The magnetization of the Co sublayers is coupled antiferromagnetically with a strength that depends on the thickness of the nonmagnetic Mo spacer. The magnetization and magnetoresistance hysteresis loops clearly reflect interlayer exchange coupling and the occurrence of uniaxial magnetic anisotropy induced by the strained Co sublayers… 
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