Structural, magnetic, high-frequency and high-field EPR investigation of double-stranded heterometallic [{Ni(en)2}2(micro-NCS)4Cd(NCS)2](n).nCH3CN polymer self-assembled from cadmium oxide, nickel thiocyanate and ethylenediamine.

  title={Structural, magnetic, high-frequency and high-field EPR investigation of double-stranded heterometallic [\{Ni(en)2\}2(micro-NCS)4Cd(NCS)2](n).nCH3CN polymer self-assembled from cadmium oxide, nickel thiocyanate and ethylenediamine.},
  author={O. V. Nesterova and S. Petrusenko and V. Kokozay and B. Skelton and J. Jezierska and W. Linert and A. Ozarowski},
  journal={Dalton transactions},
A novel heterometallic 1D coordination polymer [{Ni(en)2}2(micro-NCS)4Cd(NCS)2](n) x nCH3CN (en = ethylenediamine) has been prepared using the self-assembly process in a one-pot reaction of cadmium oxide, nickel and ammonium thiocyanates with an acetonitrile solution of ethylenediamine. The complex consists of an uncommon cis-Cd(SCN)4(NCS)2(4-) fragment and a rare combination of cis-Ni(en)2(2+) and trans-Ni(en)2(2+) building blocks linked by micro(1,3)-NCS bridges into a double-stranded zigzag… Expand
The first heterometallic Cu(II)/Cr(III) complex with an open-chain Schiff-base ligand self-assembled from copper powder, Reineckes salt, ethylendiamine and acetone
Abstract A novel supramolecular assembly [{Cu(enac)}2Cr(NCS)4(NH3)2][Cr(NCS)4(NH3)2]3 · 4(CH3)2CO (enac = 4,6,6-trimethyl-3,7-diazanon-3-ene-1,9-diamine), the first example of a Cu/Cr heterometallicExpand
Influence of the Substituted Ethylenediamine Ligand on the Structure and Properties of [Cu(diamine)2Zn(NCS)4]∙Solv. Compounds
In this paper, three new heterometallic compounds were described and compared with the molecular formula [Cu(pn)2Zn(NCS)4] (1), [Cu(N,N-Me2-en)2Zn(NCS)4] (2), [Cu(N-Me-en)2Zn(NCS)4]∙½H2O (3) where pnExpand
Supramolecular diversity and magnetic properties of novel heterometallic Cu(II)/Cr(III) complexes prepared from copper powder, Reineckes salt and ethylenediamine
Abstract Three novel heterometallic complexes [Cu(en) 2 Cr(NCS) 4 (NH 3 ) 2 ][Cr(NCS) 4 (NH 3 ) 2 ] · 6dmf ( 1 ), [Cu(en) 2 Cr(NCS) 4 (NH 3 ) 2 ](OAc) ( 2 ) and [{Cu(en) 2 } 3 {Cr(NCS) 4 (NH 3 ) 2 }Expand
One-dimensional ladder like and two-dimensional polymorphs of heterometallic thiocyanate bridged copper(II) and mercury(II) coordination polymer: Syntheses, structural, vibration, luminescence and EPR studies
The 1D triclinic {CuHg(en)(μ-NCS– N , S ) 4 } n ( 1 ) and 2D monoclinic {CuHg(en)(μ-NCS– N , S ) 3 (SCN)} n ( 2 ) (en = ethylenediamine) heterometallic coordination polymers, as the two polymorphs ofExpand
A CuIINiII Complex with Ethylenediamine: Crystal Structure and Ferromagnetic Behaviour of an Aqua‐Bridged Heterometallic Chain Containing Ambidentate Ni(OAc)42– Blocks
A one-pot reaction of copper powder and nickel and ammonium acetates in a CH 3 OH solution of ethylenediamine (en) yields a unique 1D aqua-bridged polymer [Cu(en) 2 (μ 2 -H 2 O) 2 -Ni(OAc) 4 ] n ·4nHExpand
Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure of a 1D thiocyanato bridged [Cu(en)2Zn(NCS)4]⋅H2O. Comparison of the three structures with the same [Cu(en)2Zn(NCS)4] unit − different in structural terms
Abstract In this paper we report the synthesis method and the structure of a one-dimensional thiocyanato bridged heterometallic compound, [Cu(en)2Zn(NCS)4]⋅H2O (1). Moreover, we compare the structureExpand
trans-Chloridobis(ethane-1,2-diamine-κ2 N,N′)(thiocyanato-κN)cobalt(III) diamminetetrakis(thiocyanato-κN)cromate(III)
The title ionic complex [CoCl(NCS)(C2H8N2)2]−, which crystallizes as a non-merohedral twin, is build up of a complex cation and the Reinecke’s salt anion as complex counter-ion as three-dimentional supramolecular network. Expand
A Pentanuclear Cu/Co/Ni Complex with 2‐(Dimethylamino)ethanol – Observation of a Rare Molecular Structure Type and Its Place in General Structural Types: An Analysis of the Cambridge Structural Database
Heterotrimetallic complex [CuII2CoIINiII2(Me2Ea)5Cl5(H2O)]·CH3CN·H2O has been prepared in a one-pot reaction of zero-valent copper with cobalt and nickel chlorides in an acetonitrile solution ofExpand
Syntheses, structures and properties of a new compound of the type [Zn(4,4′-dmo-2,2′-bpy)2(CH3COO)]2[Zn(SCN)4]·H2O with zinc in two cationic and one anionic complexes
A new compound of zinc(II) with the ligand 4,4′-dimethoxy-2,2′-bipyridine(4,4′-dmo-2,2′-bpy), [Zn(4,4′-dmo-2,2′bpy)2(CH3COO)]2[Zn(SCN)4]·H2O, has been obtained as white single crystals by theExpand
Polynuclear Complexes of Macrocyclic Oxamide with Thiocyanate: Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties
Five complexes with the formula {[(CuL)2Cr(μ-SCN)2]OH}n (1), [Mn(CuL)2(NCS)2] (2), [Cu(CuL)2(NCS)2] (3), [Ni(CuL)2(NCS)2] (4) and [Co(CuL)(NCS)2(CH3OH)2]2 (5), (H2L =Expand


New One- and Two-Dimensional Heterometallic Cu/Cd Halogeno or Thiocyanato Bridged Coordination Polymers Synthesized Directly from Elemental Copper and Cadmium Oxide in the Presence of Ethylenediamine
Abstract Three heterometallic Cu/Cd complexes [Cu(en)2CdBr4]·dmso (1), [Cu(en)2CdI4]·dmf (2) and [{Cu(en)2}3Cd(NCS)6](NCS)2 (3) have been synthesized by means of an open-air reaction of unactivatedExpand
catena-(μN,S-NCS) [Ni(Medien)(NCS)]: a new 1D nickel(II) complex with bridging thiocyanato ligands in cis position. Crystal structure and magnetic properties
Abstract The μ N,S thiocyanato nickel(II) monodimensional complex, catena -(μ N,S )-NCS)[Ni(Medien(NCS)] ( 1 where Medien=N 2 -methyl-diethylenetriamine, has been synthesized and characterized. TheExpand
Self-assembly of the unique heterotrimetallic Cu/Co/M complexes possessing triangular antiferromagnetic {Cu2CoPb}2 and linear ferromagnetic {Cu2CoCd2} cores.
Two novel heterotrimetallic octa and pentanuclear complexes have been prepared in one-pot reactions of zerovalent copper with metal chlorides in a methanol or acetonitrile solution of 2-(dimethylamino)ethanol (HL) in open air. Expand
A new unique tetranuclear Cu(II) compound with double bridging thiocyanate anions: Synthesis, X-ray structure and magnetism of [Cu4(μ1,3-NCS)6(dpyam)4(O2CH)2(H2O)2] (dpyam = di-2-pyridylamine)
Abstract A new unique tetranuclear copper(II) complex doubly-bridged by thiocyanate anions [Cu4(μ1,3-NCS)6(dpyam)4(O2CH)2(H2O)2 (dpyam  = di-2-pyridylamine) has been synthesized and characterized byExpand
Assembling novel heterotrimetallic Cu/Co/Ni and Cu/Co/Cd cores supported by diethanolamine ligand in one-pot reactions of zerovalent copper with metal salts.
Cryomagnetic measurements of the compounds show that, in all cases, the magnetic behavior is paramagnetic; the polycrystalline EPR spectra contain signals due to monomeric copper species only. Expand
Structural, spectral, and magnetic properties of end-to-end di-mu-thiocyanato-bridged polymeric complexes of Ni(II) and Co(II). X-ray crystal structure of di-mu-thiocyanatobis(imidazole)nickel(II).
Two complexes are first examples of ferromagnetically coupled one-dimensional polymeric compounds with double end-to-end thiocyanate-bridged nickel(II) complexes, which exhibit long-range magnetic ordering with T(c) equal to 5.0 and 5.5 K for 1 and 2. Expand
Magnetostructural characterisation of the first bimetallic assemblies derived from the anionic building block [Cr(NCS)6]3− [M(en)3]n[{M(en)2-μ-SCN-Cr(NCS)4-μ-NCS}2n] with M = Ni(II), Zn(II)
Two bimetallic complexes [M(en)3]n[{M(en)2Cr(NCS)6}2n] (M = Ni 1, Zn 2; en = ethylenediamine) have been prepared and structurally and magnetically characterised. They present a unique structureExpand
Architectures in two crystalline homo and hetero two-dimensional polymers of the type [Cd3(tren)2(NCS)6]n and [Ni2Cd(tren)2(NCS)6]n [tren = tris(2-aminoethyl)amine] through molecular ion bridges
Abstract Cadmium(II) nitrate tetrahydrate – a metal ion template, tris(2-aminoethyl)amine (tren) – a tripodal amine and thiocyanate – a versatile intermediatary in a 3:2:6 mole ratio in water affordExpand
Solvent control in the synthesis of [Mn(NCS)2(bpe)2(H2O)2] and [Mn(NCS)2(bpe)1.5(CH3OH)]n (bpe = 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethene): structural analysis and magnetic properties
The combined use of pseudohalides and N,N′-type flexible organic spacers represents an excellent strategy for the preparation of extended systems in co-ordination chemistry. In this context, theExpand
Synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic properties and theoretical studies on a one-dimensional polynuclear copper(II) complex [Cu2(mu1,3-SCN)2(mu'1,3-SCN)2(MPyO)2]n.
Density functional calculations have been carried out on this binuclear unit, yielding a similar singlet-triplet splitting, and the mechanism of strong antiferromangetic interaction is revealed according to the calculations. Expand