Structural, functional analysis and localization of the human CAP18 gene.

  title={Structural, functional analysis and localization of the human CAP18 gene.},
  author={James W. Larrick and J Lee and Shao-Hui Ma and Xiaobin Li and Uta Francke and Stephanie Claire Wright and Robert F. Balint},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={398 1},
CAP18 is an antimicrobial protein found in specific granules of PMNs. The human CAP18 (HCAP18) gene was cloned from a human genomic phage library. Sequence analysis revealed the HCAP18 gene to have 4 exons spanning 3 kb, including 700 bp of upstream DNA. Using 3' RACE no homologs of human HCAP18 were found in human bone marrow or leukocyte populations. By PCR analysis of a somatic cell mapping panel and fluorescence in situ hybridization of a genomic clone to metaphase chromosomes the gene was… CONTINUE READING
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