[Structum in combined treatment of low back pain syndrome].


AIM To assess duration of a clinical response and tolerance of structum in patients with low back pain (LBP) and comorbid cardiovascular disease. MATERIAL AND METHODS 25 patients with primary LBP and coronary heart disease (n = 13) and/or essential arterial hypertension (n = 18) were examined and treated for 6 months with structum. RESULTS To the end of the first treatment months structum significantly relieved pain intensity, spinal motility, increased exercise tolerance. Excellent and good response to structum were observed in 71% patients, no response was in 29%. Tolerance of the drug was good in 23 (92%) patients. The effect persisted for 3 months. CHD characteristics did not change while arterial pressure went down noticiably. CONCLUSION Structum is highly effective in the treatment of LBP. Its long-term intake had no effect on CHD.

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@article{Mazurov2004StructumIC, title={[Structum in combined treatment of low back pain syndrome].}, author={V I Mazurov and I B Beliaev}, journal={Terapevticheskiĭ arkhiv}, year={2004}, volume={76 8}, pages={68-71} }