Strucral Formulæ of the Chlorophylls

  title={Strucral Formul{\ae} of the Chlorophylls},
  author={James Bryant Conant and Emma M. Dietz},
SOMEWHAT more than a year ago, a structural formula for chlorophyll-α was suggested1 in which a carbomethoxy residue was placed in the β-position of one pyrrole ring. This seemed necessary as a monomethyl ester (phæopurpurin 7) was obtained as one of the products of an oxidative hydrolysis (‘phase test’) and the position of the methoxyl group in this phæopurpurin was clearly established. We have now found that the purest samples of the phæophorbides of the ‘a’ series do not yield any ph… 
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James Bryant Conant, 26 March 1893 - 11 February 1978

The invention of the half-tone reproduction process, and its introduction into the printing business, confronted the senior Conant with the need to learn the complicated procedures required for etching copper plates and, although he totally lacked any previous contact with chemistry, he soon added the preparation and developing of wet photographic plates to his chemical techniques.

Gender difference in benefits of twinning in pre‐industrial humans: boys did not pay

The results show that increases in litter size and variability of food conditions increased male mortality, and high female twin survival in the archipelago led to higher fitness of twinning mothers in relation to mothers with only singletons.

Cross‐fostering eggs reveals that female collared flycatchers adjust clutch sex ratios according to parental ability to invest in offspring

Cross‐fostering eggs among nests and using the condition of foster young that parents raised to fledging as a functional measure of their ability to produce fit offspring confirmed that females raising heavier‐than‐average foster fledglings with their social mate initially produced male‐biased primary sex ratios.