Strongly singular MASA ’ s and mixing actions in finite von Neumann algebras ∗

  title={Strongly singular MASA ’ s and mixing actions in finite von Neumann algebras ∗},
  author={Paul Jolissaint and Yves Stalder},
Let Γ be a countable group and let Γ0 be an infinite abelian subgroup of Γ. We prove that if the pair (Γ,Γ0) satisfies some combinatorial condition called (SS), then the abelian subalgebra A = L(Γ0) is a singular MASA in M = L(Γ) which satisfies a weakly mixing condition. If moreover it satisfies a stronger condition called (ST), then it provides a singular MASA with a strictly stronger mixing property. We describe families of examples of both types coming from free products, HNN extentions and… CONTINUE READING

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