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Strong quantum computational advantage using a superconducting quantum processor

  title={Strong quantum computational advantage using a superconducting quantum processor},
  author={Yulin Wu and Wansu Bao and Sirui Cao and Fusheng Chen and Ming-Cheng Chen and Xiawei Chen and T. Chung and H. Deng and Yajie Du and Daojin Fan and Ming Gong and Cheng Guo and Chu Guo and Shaojun Guo and Lianchen Han and Linyin Hong and He-Liang Huang and Yongxue Huo and Li-Peng Li and Na Li and Shaowei Li and Yuan Li and Futian Liang and Chun Lin and Jin Lin and Haoran Qian and Dan Qiao and Hao Rong and H. Su and Lihua Sun and Liangyuan Wang and Shiyu Wang and Dachao Wu and Yu Xu and K. Yan and Weifeng Yang and Yang Yang and Yangsen Ye and J. Yin and Chong Ying and Jiale Yu and Chen Zha and Cha Zhang and Haibin Zhang and Kaili Zhang and Yiming Zhang and Han Zhao and Youwei Zhao and Liang-Ji Zhou and Qingling Zhu and Chao-Yang Lu and Cheng-Zhi Peng and Xiaobo Zhu and Jian-Wei Pan},
Yulin Wu,1, 2, 3 Wan-Su Bao,4 Sirui Cao,1, 2, 3 Fusheng Chen,1, 2, 3 Ming-Cheng Chen,1, 2, 3 Xiawei Chen,2 Tung-Hsun Chung,1, 2, 3 Hui Deng,1, 2, 3 Yajie Du,2 Daojin Fan,1, 2, 3 Ming Gong,1, 2, 3 Cheng Guo,1, 2, 3 Chu Guo,1, 2, 3 Shaojun Guo,1, 2, 3 Lianchen Han,1, 2, 3 Linyin Hong,5 He-Liang Huang,1, 2, 3, 4 Yong-Heng Huo,1, 2, 3 Liping Li,2 Na Li,1, 2, 3 Shaowei Li,1, 2, 3 Yuan Li,1, 2, 3 Futian Liang,1, 2, 3 Chun Lin,6 Jin Lin,1, 2, 3 Haoran Qian,1, 2, 3 Dan Qiao,2 Hao Rong,1, 2, 3 Hong Su,1… Expand

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