Strong phase-controlled fiber Bragg gratings for dispersion compensation.


Dispersion-compensating fiber Bragg gratings with approximately 99.9% reflectivity that are made by continuous apodization and phase control are demonstrated. These strong dispersion-compensating gratings provide precision second-order, third-order, or even more complex dispersion compensation, as well as sufficient transmission isolation to be used at add-drop stages without additional filtering. A 99.84% grating with a constant approximately 700-ps/nm dispersion and a 99.94% grating with dispersion varying linearly from 1000 to -1000 ps/nm are demonstrated.

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@article{Liu2003StrongPF, title={Strong phase-controlled fiber Bragg gratings for dispersion compensation.}, author={Yisi Liu and Liang Dong and Jeffrey Junfeng Pan and Claire Gu}, journal={Optics letters}, year={2003}, volume={28 10}, pages={786-8} }