Strong coupling analysis of QED$_3$ for excitation spectrum broadening in undoped high-temperature superconductor

  title={Strong coupling analysis of QED\$\_3\$ for excitation spectrum broadening in undoped high-temperature superconductor},
  author={Takao Morinari},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Theory of quantum electrodynamics in three spatial-time dimension is applied to the two-dimensional $S=1/2$ quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnet in order to investigate a doped hole in high-temperature superconductors. Strong coupling analysis of the U(1) gauge field interaction is carried out to describe spectral broadening observed in the undoped compounds. It is found that the fermionic quasiparticle spectrum is of Gaussian form with the width about 3J, with J being the superexchange… Expand
Half-Skyrmion theory for high-temperature superconductivity
We review the half-Skyrmion theory for copper-oxide high-temperature superconductivity. In the theory, doped holes create a half-Skyrmion spin texture which is characterized by a topological charge.Expand