Strong c-concavity and stability in optimal transport

  title={Strong c-concavity and stability in optimal transport},
  author={Anatole Gallou{\"e}t and Quentin M'erigot and Boris Thibert},
. The stability of solutions to optimal transport problems under variation of the measures is fundamental from a mathematical view-point: it is closely related to the convergence of numerical approaches to solve optimal transport problems and justifies many of the applications of optimal transport. In this article, we introduce the notion of strong c -concavity, and we show that it plays an important role for proving stability results in optimal transport for general cost functions c . We then… 



Quantitative Stability and Error Estimates for Optimal Transport Plans

This work characterize how transport plans change under perturbation of both $\mu$ and $\nu$ and applies this insight to prove error estimates for semi-discrete and fully- Discretized Monge--Ampere equations in terms of errors solely arising from approximating measures.

Optimal Transport: Old and New

Couplings and changes of variables.- Three examples of coupling techniques.- The founding fathers of optimal transport.- Qualitative description of optimal transport.- Basic properties.- Cyclical

Regularity of Potential Functions of the Optimal Transportation Problem

The potential function of the optimal transportation problem satisfies a partial differential equation of Monge-Ampère type. In this paper we introduce the notion of a generalized solution, and prove

On Hölder continuity-in-time of the optimal transport map towards measures along a curve

  • Nicola Gigli
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • 2011
Abstract We discuss the problem of the regularity-in-time of the map t ↦ Tt ∊ Lp(ℝd, ℝd; σ), where Tt is a transport map (optimal or not) from a reference measure σ to a measure μt which lies along

Quantitative Stability of Optimal Transport Maps under Variations of the Target Measure

Stability estimates show that the linearized optimal transport metric W2,ρ(μ, ν) = ‖Tμ − Tν‖L2(ρ,Rd) is bi-Hölder equivalent to the 2-Wasserstein distance on such sets, justifiying its use in applications.

On the optimal map in the $ 2 $-dimensional random matching problem

We show that, on a $2$-dimensional compact manifold, the optimal transport map in the semi-discrete random matching problem is well-approximated in the $L^2$-norm by identity plus the gradient of the

Regularity theory and geometry of unbalanced optimal transport

Using the dual formulation only, we show that regularity of unbalanced optimal transport also called entropy-transport inherits from regularity of standard optimal transport. We then provide detailed

Optimal transportation, modelling and numerical simulation

  • J. Benamou
  • Business, Computer Science
    Acta Numerica
  • 2021
This paper presents an overview of the basic theory, modern optimal transportation extensions and recent algorithmic advances of optimal transportation in numerical analysis.

Minimax estimation of smooth optimal transport maps

This work develops an estimator based on the minimization of an empirical version of the semi-dual optimal transport problem, restricted to truncated wavelet expansions that achieves near minimax optimality and provides the first minimax estimation rates for transport maps in general dimension.