Strong asymptotics for the Pollaczek multiple orthogonal polynomials

  title={Strong asymptotics for the Pollaczek multiple orthogonal polynomials},
  author={Alexander I. Aptekarev and Guillermo L{\'o}pez Lagomasino and Andrei Mart{\'i}nez-Finkelshtein},
  journal={Doklady Mathematics},
The asymptotic properties of multiple orthogonal polynomials with respect to two Pollaczek weights with different parameters are considered. This set of weights is a Nikishin system generated by two measures with unbounded supports; moreover, the second measure is discrete. During the last years, multiple orthogonal polynomials with respect to Nikishin systems of this type have found wide applications in the theory of random matrices. Strong asymptotic formulas for the polynomials under… 



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