Strong Field Molecular Ionization in the Impulsive Limit: Freezing Vibrations with Short Pulses.

  title={Strong Field Molecular Ionization in the Impulsive Limit: Freezing Vibrations with Short Pulses.},
  author={P{\'e}ter S{\'a}ndor and Vincent Tagliamonti and Arthur Zhao and Tam{\'a}s Rozgonyi and Matthias Ruckenbauer and Philipp Marquetand and Thomas Weinacht},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={116 6},
We study strong-field molecular ionization as a function of pulse duration. Experimental measurements of the photoelectron yield for a number of molecules reveal competition between different ionization continua (cationic states) which depends strongly on pulse duration. Surprisingly, in the limit of short pulse duration, we find that a single ionic continuum dominates the yield, whereas multiple continua are produced for longer pulses. Using calculations which take vibrational dynamics into… 

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