Stromal luteoma: report of a rare case.

  title={Stromal luteoma: report of a rare case.},
  author={Medha Pradeep Kulkarni and Shobha R Agashe and Yasmin Altaf Momin and Reema Joshi and Kalpana Ranjitsingh Sulhyan},
  journal={Indian journal of pathology & microbiology},
  volume={50 2},
Steroid cell tumours (SCTs) account for less than 0.1% of all ovarian tumours. Three major categories ofSCTs include (1) stromal luteoma, (2) steroid cell tumour not otherwise specified and (3) Leydig cell tumours that do not have another component. Stromal luteomas constitute 20% of SCTs. They usually occur in postmenopausal women and about 60% present… CONTINUE READING