Stromal TGF-β signaling induces AR activation in prostate cancer

  title={Stromal TGF-β signaling induces AR activation in prostate cancer},
  author={Feng Yang and Yizhen Chen and Tao Shen and Dan Guo and Olga Dakhova and Michael Ittmann and Chad J Creighton and Yiqun Zhang and Truong D. Dang and David R. Rowley},
AR signaling is essential for the growth and survival of prostate cancer (PCa), including most of the lethal castration-resistant PCa (CRPC). We previously reported that TGF-β signaling in prostate stroma promotes prostate tumor angiogenesis and growth. By using a PCa/stroma co-culture model, here we show that stromal TGF-β signaling induces comprehensive morphology changes of PCa LNCaP cells. Furthermore, it induces AR activation in LNCaP cells in the absence of significant levels of androgen… CONTINUE READING
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