Stroking different body regions of dairy cows: effects on avoidance and approach behavior toward humans.

  title={Stroking different body regions of dairy cows: effects on avoidance and approach behavior toward humans.},
  author={C Schmied and Xavier Boivin and Susanne Waiblinger},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={91 2},
Understanding perception of dairy cows to common human contact such as stroking is important for improving the human-animal relationship, animal welfare, and production. We hypothesized that repeated stroking of body regions licked most during social grooming, especially the ventral neck, would reduce cows' avoidance of and increase their approach to humans. Sixty tethered dairy cows were randomly allocated to 4 treatment groups that received 5 min of daily human contact 5 d/wk during 3… CONTINUE READING
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