Stroke mortality in Spain, 1901-1986.

  title={Stroke mortality in Spain, 1901-1986.},
  author={M J Barrado-Lanzarote and J{\'e}sus de Pedro-Cuesta and J Almaz{\'a}n-Isla},
  volume={12 3},
We studied the mortality from stroke as the underlying cause of death in Spain during the period 1901-1986. The age-adjusted mortality in 1986 was 114.4 per 100,000 among males and 100.6 per 100,000 for females. From 1901 to 1986, the SMR from stroke in Spain decreased by approximately 2/3, levelling off during the period 1950-1970, and again falling from 1973 on. A new plateau might have been initiated in the early 1980s. Since 1950, a marked continuous decrease is seen for hemorrhagic stroke… CONTINUE READING