Stroke induced Sarcopenia: muscle wasting and disability after stroke.

  title={Stroke induced Sarcopenia: muscle wasting and disability after stroke.},
  author={Nadja Scherbakov and Stephan von Haehling and Stefan D. Anker and Ulrich Dirnagl and Wolfram Doehner},
  journal={International journal of cardiology},
  volume={170 2},
Stroke is the second leading cause of death and the leading cause of disability in Western countries. More than 60% of patients remain disabled, 50% of patients suffer from hemiparesis and 30% remain unable to walk without assistance. The skeletal muscle is the main effector organ accountable for disability in stroke. This disability is primarily attributed to the brain lesion; however less attention is paid to structural, metabolic and functional alterations of muscle tissue after stroke… CONTINUE READING
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