Stroke in sports: a case series

  title={Stroke in sports: a case series},
  author={Gonçalo M. Alexandrino and Joana Dam{\'a}sio and Patr{\'i}cia Canh{\~a}o and Ruth Geraldes and Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e Melo and Carlos Correia and Jose M. Ferro},
  journal={Journal of Neurology},
Regular physical activity decreases vascular risk. However, vascular events, including stroke, can occur while practicing physical activities. Stroke associated with sports is a rare clinical entity, whose risk factors and mechanisms are not fully understood. We report a case series of sports-related stroke, from tertiary care institutions. From the stroke registries of two University Neurology services and Stroke Units we retrieved all cases of stroke which occurred in temporal association… CONTINUE READING