Stroke Location Is an Independent Predictor of Cognitive Outcome.

  title={Stroke Location Is an Independent Predictor of Cognitive Outcome.},
  author={Fanny Munsch and Sharmila Sagnier and J Asselineau and Antoine Bigourdan and Charles R. G. Guttmann and Sabrina Debruxelles and M Cecilia Poli and Pauline Renou and Paul Perez and Vincent Dousset and Igor Sibon and Thomas Tourdias},
  volume={47 1},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE On top of functional outcome, accurate prediction of cognitive outcome for stroke patients is an unmet need with major implications for clinical management. We investigated whether stroke location may contribute independent prognostic value to multifactorial predictive models of functional and cognitive outcomes. METHODS Four hundred twenty-eight consecutive patients with ischemic stroke were prospectively assessed with magnetic resonance imaging at 24 to 72 hours and… CONTINUE READING
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