Stroke, hemiparesis and deficient mitochondrial beta-oxidation.

  title={Stroke, hemiparesis and deficient mitochondrial beta-oxidation.},
  author={Louis Vall{\'e}e and Monique Fontaine and J. P. Nuyts and Guy Ricart and Ivan Krivosic and Priscille Divry and Christine Vianey-Saban and Michel Lhermitte and Joseph Vamecq},
  journal={European journal of pediatrics},
  volume={153 8},
We describe on a 3-year-old child referred for evaluation and therapy of a cerebral vascular accident with residual hemiplegia and partial epilepsy. Metabolic investigations initially showed normal urinary organic acids as well as normal blood and urinary amino acids. Blood carnitine fractions had been pathological and a secondary carnitine deficiency was diagnosed and treated by oral L-carnitine supplementation. During carnitine treatment, abnormal urinary acylcarnitine profiles were noticed… CONTINUE READING