Striping patterns in domestic horses

  title={Striping patterns in domestic horses},
  author={Jake Lusis},
  • J. Lusis
  • Published 1 December 1943
  • Biology
  • Genetica
Conclusions1.Striping is distributed among very diverse breeds of domestic horses. It is found more frequently and more dictinctly expressed among primitive, local populations of horses than among standard breeds, due to continued selection against wild coat colors (wilddun, mouse-gray), with which striping is correlated in some way, as yet insufficiently elucidated.2.Striping in domestic horses in most cases resembles in structure striping in all other species of the familyEquidae (zebras… 
A lost Sorraia maternal lineage found in the Lusitano horse breed.
A common female founder individual of the Portuguese horse breeds Sorraia and Lusitano was found while conducting research on the variation of the LusItano mitochondrial DNA lineages in relation to studbook information, bringing new insights on the relationship between the SorraIA and the other Iberian breeds.
The domestic and the wild in the Mongolian horse and the takhi
Against a strong head wind the authors reached this almost flat plateau, at a height of 6,800 ft., and immediately saw a group of animals galloping away from us at full speed, recognised with the naked eye as Przewalski wild horses, and subsequent observation with a telescope confirmed beyond any possible doubt that this was what they were.
Living with Herds: Human-Animal Coexistence in Mongolia
Part I. Crossing Boundaries: Prologue 1. Introduction 2. A Mongolian etho-ethnography Part II. The Social Herd: 3. Social spheres 4. Names, symbols, colours and breeding 5. Multi-species


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