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Striped Ultradilute Liquid of Dipolar Bosons in Two Dimensions

  title={Striped Ultradilute Liquid of Dipolar Bosons in Two Dimensions},
  author={Clemens Staudinger and Diana Hufnagl and Ferran Mazzanti and Robert E. Zillich},
We investigate the phases of a Bose-Einstein condensate of dipolar atoms restricted to move in a two-dimensional plane. The dipole moments are all aligned in a direction tilted with respect to the plane normal. As a result of the attractive and repulsive components of the dipole-dipole interaction, the dipolar gas has a self-bound phase, which is stabilized by quantum fluctuations. Furthermore, tilting the dipoles tunes the anisotropy of the dipole-dipole interaction, which can trigger a spatial… 

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