Stripe-array diode-laser in an off-axis external cavity: theory and experiment.

  title={Stripe-array diode-laser in an off-axis external cavity: theory and experiment.},
  author={Andreas Jechow and M. Lichtner and Ralf Menzel and Mindaugas Radziunas and Danilo Skoczowsky and A. G. Vladimirov},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={17 22},
Stripe-array diode lasers naturally operate in an anti-phase supermode. This produces a sharp double lobe far field at angles +/-alpha depending on the period of the array. In this paper a 40 emitter gain guided stripe-array laterally coupled by off-axis filtered feedback is investigated experimentally and numerically. We predict theoretically and confirm experimentally that at doubled feedback angle 2alpha a stable higher order supermode exists with twice the number of emitters per array… CONTINUE READING
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