Stringy Instantons and Yukawa Couplings in MSSM-like Orientifold Models

  title={Stringy Instantons and Yukawa Couplings in MSSM-like Orientifold Models},
  author={L. Ib{\'a}nez and Robert Richter},
Type IIA orientifold constructions with intersecting D6-branes and their IIB duals in terms of magnetized D9/D7-branes constitute one of the most promising avenues for the construction of semirealistic MSSMlike compactifications. One generic problem with these constructions is, that there are many Yukawa couplings, which vanish due to additional U(1) symmetries in the theory. In this paper we consider a number of such settings and study, under what conditions stringy instanton effects can give… CONTINUE READING
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