String-localized quantum fields from Wigner representations

  title={String-localized quantum fields from Wigner representations},
  author={Jens Mund and Bert Schroer and Jakob Yngvason},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
String-Localized Quantum Fields and Modular Localization
We study free, covariant, quantum (Bose) fields that are associated with irreducible representations of the Poincaré group and localized in semi-infinite strings extending to spacelike infinity.
String-Localized Covariant Quantum Fields
We present a construction of string-localized covariant free quantum fields for a large class of irreducible (ray) representations of the Poincare group. Among these are the representations of mass
Pauli-Lubanski limit and stress-energy tensor for infinite-spin fields
A bstractString-localized quantum fields transforming in Wigner’s infinite-spin representations were originally introduced in [18, 19]. We construct these fields as limits of fields of finite mass m
String-Localized Quantum Fields, Modular Localization, and Gauge Theories
The concept of modular localization introduced by Brunetti, Guido and Longo, and Schroer, can be used to construct quantum fields. It combines Wigner’s particle concept with the Tomita-Takesaki
The Effective Theory of Strings
We show that the Nambu–Goto string, and its higher dimensional generalizations, can be quantized, in the sense of an effective theory, in any dimension of the target space. The crucial point is to
Massless, string localized quantum fields for any helicity
For any massless, irreducible representation of the covering of the proper, orthochronous Poincare group we construct covariant, free quantum fields that generate the representation space from the
The continuous spin limit of higher spin field equations
We show that the Wigner equations describing the continuous spin representations can be obtained as a limit of massive higher-spin field equations. The limit involves a suitable scaling of the wave
Modular Nuclearity and Localization
Abstract.Within the algebraic setting of quantum field theory, a condition is given which implies that the intersection of algebras generated by field operators localized in wedge-shaped regions of
Continuous spin particles from a tensionless string theory
It has been shown that the massless irreducible representations of the Poincare group with continuous spin can be obtained from a classical point particle action which admits a generalization to a
An Algebraic Jost-Schroer Theorem for Massive Theories
We consider a purely massive local relativistic quantum theory specified by a family of von Neumann algebras indexed by the space-time regions. We assume that, affiliated with the algebras associated


Zero-mass infinite spin representations of the Poincaré group and quantum field theory
It is shown that a local quantized field with a manifestly covariant transformation law under the Poincaré group cannot have nonvanishing matrix elements between the vacuum and an irreducible
Modular localization and wigner particles
We propose a framework for the free field construction of algebras of local observables which uses as an input the Bisognano–Wichmann relations and a representation of the Poincare group on the
Intermediate statistics in two space dimensions in a lattice-regularized Hamiltonian quantum field theory
The non-compact Abelian Higgs model with a Chern-Simons term added is investigated within a Hamiltonian formalism, regularized by a spatial lattice. Transmutted matter fields are constructed, which
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It is shown that any local quantum field theory admits thermodynamical equilibrium states (KMS-states) for all positive temperatures provided it satisfies a “nuclearity condition,” proposed by
Locality and the structure of particle states
Starting from the principle of locality of observables we derive localization properties of massive particle states which hold in all models of relativistic quantum theory, including gauge theories.
We present a theory of general two-point functions and of generalized free fields in d-dimensional de Sitter space-time which closely parallels the corresponding Minkowskian theory. The usual
On infravacua and the localization of sectors
A certain class of superselection sectors of the free massless scalar field in three space dimensions is considered. It is shown that these sectors, which cannot be localized with respect to the