Striatal transplants prevent AF64A-induced retention deficits.

  title={Striatal transplants prevent AF64A-induced retention deficits.},
  author={Magda Giordano and Rigoberto Salado-Castillo and Marcela S{\'a}nchez-{\'A}lvarez and Roberto A. Prado-Alcal{\'a}},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={63 22},
The relevance of the cholinergic system in mnemonic processes has been repeatedly demonstrated. In addition to the cholinergic systems that project to the telencephalon, there are subcortical nuclei with intrinsic cholinergic cells which appear to be involved in memory consolidation; among these is the striatum. Intrastriatal administration of anticholinergic drugs, as well as excitotoxic and electrolytic lesions have been shown to disrupt the acquisition and retention of instrumentally… CONTINUE READING


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