Stress urinary incontinence surgery in the United States.

  title={Stress urinary incontinence surgery in the United States.},
  author={L. Elaine Waetjen and Leslee L. Subak and Hui Shen and Feng Lin and Tsung-Hsi Wang and Eric Vittinghoff and Jeanette Sara Brown},
  journal={Obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={101 4},
OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence, regional rates and demographic characteristics, morbidity, and mortality of stress urinary incontinence surgeries in the United States. METHODS We used data from the 1998 National Hospital Discharge Survey and the 1998 National Census to calculate rates of surgeries for stress urinary incontinence by age, race, and region of the United States. From these data we estimated morbidity and mortality associated with incontinence surgery. RESULTS In 1998… CONTINUE READING
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