Stress tolerance and pathogenic potential of a mannitol mutant of Cryptococcus neoformans.

  title={Stress tolerance and pathogenic potential of a mannitol mutant of Cryptococcus neoformans.},
  author={Vishnu Chaturvedi and Tanner Flynn and Walter G. Niehaus and Bess Wong},
  volume={142 ( Pt 4)},
Cryptococcus neoformans produces large amounts of the acyclic hexitol mannitol in culture and infected animals, but the functional and pathogenic significance of mannitol production by this fungus is not known. We exposed C. neoformans H99 (Cn H99) to UV irradiation (1 x LD50) and screened survivors for mannitol production. A mutant, Cn MLP (Mannitol Low Producer), synthesized less mannitol from glucose (2.7 vs 8.2 nmol per 10(8) cells min-1 at 37 degrees C) and contained less intracellular… CONTINUE READING


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