Stress signals utilize multiple pathways to stabilize p53.

  title={Stress signals utilize multiple pathways to stabilize p53.},
  author={Margaret Ashcroft and Yoichi Taya and Karen Heather Vousden},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={20 9},
The p53 tumor suppressor is activated by many diverse stress signals through mechanisms that result in stabilization and accumulation of the p53 protein. p53 is normally degraded through the proteasome following interaction with MDM2, which both functions as a ubiquitin ligase for p53 and shuttles to the cytoplasm, where p53 degradation occurs. Stabilization of p53 in response to stress is associated with inhibition of MDM2-mediated degradation, which has been associated with phosphorylation of… CONTINUE READING


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