Stress sensitivity of inductance in NiCuZn ferrites

  title={Stress sensitivity of inductance in NiCuZn ferrites},
  author={N. Ramamanohar Reddy and Maram Venkata Ramana and G. Rajitha and E. S. Rajagopal and K. V. Sivakumar and V. R. K. Murthy},
Abstract Iron rich, stoichiometric iron and iron deficient samples of NiCuZn ferrite were prepared by conventional ceramic double sintering process. The formation of single phase was confirmed by X-ray diffraction. Initial permeability measurements on these samples were carried out in the temperature range of 30–400 °C. The effect of external applied stress on the open magnetic circuit type coil with these ferrites was studied by applying uniaxial compressive stress parallel to the magnetising… CONTINUE READING