Stress response pattern in obesity and systemic hypertension.

  title={Stress response pattern in obesity and systemic hypertension.},
  author={J{\"u}rgen K. Rockstroh and Roland E Schmieder and Hartmut Schaechinger and Franz H. Messerli},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={70 11},
Under resting conditions obese hypertensive patients have been described as having a greater cardiac output and lower total peripheral resistance than lean hypertensive patients. To evaluate the hemodynamic patterns under stress conditions, we determined the hemodynamic response to mental stress (first study) and during isometric exercise (second study) in hypertensive patients with a body mass index > 27 kg/m2 (obese) and < 27 kg/m2 (lean). The cohort exposed to mental stress comprised 54… CONTINUE READING