Stress-related molar responses to the transpalatal arch: a finite element analysis.

  title={Stress-related molar responses to the transpalatal arch: a finite element analysis.},
  author={V Bobak and Richard L. Christiansen and Scott J. Hollister and David H Kohn},
  journal={American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics : official publication of the American Association of Orthodontists, its constituent societies, and the American Board of Orthodontics},
  volume={112 5},
The finite element method of analysis (FEM) was used to analyze theoretically the effects of a transpalatal arch (TPA) on periodontal stresses of molars that were subjected to typical retraction forces. The purposes of this investigation were (1) to construct an appropriate finite element model, (2) to subject the model to orthodontic forces and determine resultant stress patterns and displacements with and without the presence of a TPA, and (3) to note any differences in stress patterns and… CONTINUE READING

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